Product Review: Summer Infant Video Monitor

by Emily on July 1, 2010

One of the products I reviewed for Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine last year was the Summer Infant Deluxe Day & Night Handheld Color Video Monitor with 2.5 inch screen with an extra camera (wow, that name is longer than my drink order at Starbucks!)

Here is a link to my review on Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine’s website.

Summer Infant Handheld Color Video Monitor

While I love this earliest form of helicopter parenting (yes, it’s still considered hovering even if you’re watching your baby sleep from the other room), I’ve now decided the technology could use some baby steps (quite a few of them, actually).   With our Summer Infant video monitor the battery life decreased quickly and after a year barely lasts through a long nap time.  The interference has gotten so bad it keeps my husband awake at night (even if the baby doesn’t).

I’m often frustrated that I can’t monitor both kid’s rooms simultaneously now that my infant sometimes snoozes in her crib instead of our bed (especially at night, how do I know which child is going to wake up?)  Even our clumsy attempt to solve this by using our Graco audio-only monitor at the same time failed because they interfere with each other and neither works.

I don’t think our Summer Infant video monitor is unique in these challenges (although I did send it back and got a replacement -for free- just to be sure), I think video monitors in general have yet to be perfected.  But I do love being able to watch my kids sleep -or quickly check to see if they are awake – without going outside to peak in their bedroom windows.


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