New Years Challenge: Kill-The-TV

by Emily on January 1, 2012

If there was a motto for moms, it would be never enough time.   But if you asked Santa for a few extra hours, try this: cancel the cable.  The average American watches 4+ hours of TV per day!  That’s 2 months each year wasted in front of the boob-tube.  Seriously, is that the best use of your time?

My family has been without TV for about 6 months (meaning someone out there watches a lot more than 4 hours a day to balance out my 0 hours).  My husband misses sports, but otherwise we are totally content (and $50 per month richer).  A few weeks ago an uncle asked, “if you don’t watch TV, what do you do?”  I wasn’t even sure how to answer.  Even without rotting my brain, I never seem to whittle away my to-do list.

Mostly I spend time with my kids.  As a full-time mom to kids who aren’t in school, without any hired help, some days I spend every waking moment with my munchkins.  But since we’ve been TV-free, I’ve also published a book, run a marathon and raised $2,500 for charity, wrote articles, posted 50 blog posts, sent 150 holiday cards, and completed a dossier for an International adoption (anyone who’s done that knows it’s equivalent to a master’s thesis, at least.)

So, in this new year, I challenge you: kill the Comcast.  Read a book.  Exercise.  Write a thank-you note.  Call an old friend.  Or just sleep.  What would you do with an extra 4 hours per day?   Happy New Year to you!

P.S. you can still cheat and watch a few of your favorite shows online or movies through Amazon 😉


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