New moms in this country get cheated

by Emily on November 11, 2010

Last week an article on made me wonder why people think the U.S. is so great.  Sure, we have Thanksgiving, apple pie, the right to bear arms, and freedom of speech, but when it comes to maternity leave, we are not the land of the free.

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In the good ‘ol U.S. a new mom is guaranteed only 12 weeks of unpaid leave in which to endure the final weeks of pregnancy, deliver and welcome a new person to this world.  By contrast, countries in the European Union currently have a minimum maternity leave of 14 weeks FULLY PAID.  And they’ve just passed a draft law requiring employers to extend the paid leave to 20 weeks.  Some countries already offer this, for example, Norway offers 18 weeks of paid maternity leave, plus 26 additional weeks, ALSO PAID, which can be split between either parent.

Are the first few months with a baby harder if you live in Europe?  Why does their government recognize, respect and support new moms so much more than the U.S.?  WTF?


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