Ignoring doctor’s advice, Tori Spelling Preggo again

by Emily on April 7, 2012

With all the plastic surgery Tori Spelling’s had, I wonder if any part of her body is still real.  Well, I guess her ovaries are because they seem to work just fine.  Too well, in fact, if you ask me.  This crazy mom conceived her fourth child within a month of giving birth to her third!

image from PEOPLE

Since we all know that doctors universally recommend waiting at least 6 weeks before resuming sex after any type of delivery, I wanted to know how she was able to conceive at all.  Reportedly explaining to US Weekly, the actress says, “Well, I don’t want [husband Dean] to think that the  sex is going downhill,’ so now we’re on baby No. 4.”  Seriously?!?  That’s the reason you’ve created a human being?

News flash to Tori: The sex is supposed to be non-existent for 6 weeks!  Plus, with a newborn and two preschoolers, it should be going downhill! (check out my post on how often women have sex here).

And, to my chagrin, Tori seems proud of ignoring her doctor’s orders, adding, “The doctor said, ‘Wait six weeks [to have sex],’ and Dean was like, ‘They tell everyone that.’ We didn’t wait that long with Stella or Liam.”  As a celebrity that people look up to (well, maybe someone does), she shouldn’t broadcast her disobedience.  Plus, it makes all us moms who do wait 6 weeks, or longer, feel like we don’t satisfy our husbands… boo on her.

Maybe she’s just desperate for more content for all her reality shows. *sneer*


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