Confessions from UnPerfect Moms

by Emily on March 19, 2011

At playdates when a mom starts a conversation with, “I shouldn’t even tell you, but…” all ears perk up.  Everyone wants to hear that others aren’t perfect either, and to be reassured they aren’t the only one who lets their kids watch TV through lunch or eat nothing but goldfish for dinner.

Truthfully, we’ve all been there.  We usually just don’t tell anyone:  The baby is crying in her crib while you try to bang out just one more e-mail.  Your toddler has a dirty diaper but doesn’t want it changed, so you leave it to avoid a battle.  Letting your preschooler watch Little Einsteins again so you can finish dinner.  Wishing you didn’t have kids.

iVillage Pregnancy & Parenting asked moms to confess things that make them UnPerfect and moms spilled their dirty-laundry-secrets.  From little white lies (“the toy store is closed”) to favoring one sibling over the other, moms gave us a glimpse of things they’d rather not admit.


Here are my favorites from Unperfect moms everywhere:
-we leave our kids strapped in the car seat to run back into the house (or forget to strap them in completely!)
-we’d rather sleep, or sometimes even work, than spend time with our child
-the kids haven’t eaten anything that grew for as long as we can remember
-we secretly wish we had a girl

For iVillage’s entire list of confessions, click here.  Then let off your chest, what have you done?

Here’s mine: my son’s favorite sand toy right now is a gigantic green beer bong.  He thinks it’s a “sand funnel” and we’re not telling him any different.  As if that wasn’t enough, my preschooler frequently wakes up saying he wants to “take a drive”.  To him, this means daddy putting him in his lap or on the passenger seat and driving down our (very quiet) street and through a parking lot to Starbucks, where my son gets a muffin and my husband gets a big coffee.  My son loves this and despite my protests it’s quickly becoming their little routine.  Of course it scares me, but –and here’s the worst part– I allow it because it gives me an extra 20 minutes of sleep or solo time with my daughter before fully starting the day.

Oh, and I also lose my temper sometimes –OK, a LOT — and yell at my kids.  I know I’m supposed to always be a cool cucumber, but some days I feel like I’m yelling or reprimanding all day :-(  What can I say, parenting is HARD.


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