Cam Gigandet for Fifty Shades’ Christian!!

by Emily on May 17, 2012

I’m guessing Hollywood will want to cash in on the tantalizing success of the Fifty Shades trilogy and we’ll soon be seeing it on the big screen (gawk, blush!) So let’s do a little mental masturbating and fantasize about what hunky actor will play Christian.

My vote is Cam Gigandet. You’ve seen him as a demented vampire in Twilight (killed by the Cullens at the end of the first movie), and alongside Christina Aguilera in Burlesque, among other roles.

Cam Gigandet from PEOPLE -- this is the hottest photo EVER!

So why him? I can’t pronounce his last name, but this guy is seriously hot. He makes women swoon (especially moms when seen wearing his baby girl in a sling! oh my!) He has the scary-stare down, and the right dimensions (and I’m not just referring to his butt, although that certainly fits the character as well!) The only thing missing is floppy hair and I’m sure a stylist could help that.

Any other ideas?  Who could top Mr. Gigandet’s hotness?

Cam Gigandet and Minka Kelly on the set of The Roommate - don't they look perfect?

Oh, and for Anastasia, I nominate Nina Dobrev, who I’d never heard of until she fondled Conan O’Brien with her feet while upside-down in a yoga Scorpion pose (see that video here).  But this photo (to the left) of Mr. Gigandet and Minka Kelly could be right out of Fifty Shades, so clearly she’s a contender too.

Oh, I can’t wait!

P.S:  I’ve learned that Fifty Shades was actually born as a Twilight fan-fiction, originally titled Master of the Universe — no wonder it’s so much like Twilight! (see my post about that here).


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