A Real Mother’s Day Wish List

by Emily on May 9, 2012

After my last post about a Meaningful Mother’s Day jolted my husband into asking what I want for that special day –the one and only day that honors moms who spend every single day doing things for others– I got to thinking, what do I want?

Although I researched and wrote about meaningful experiences, I’ve realized here is what I REALLY want:

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  • to wake up without someone kicking, climbing on, or poking me  (even if she is my adorable 2-year old)
  • to not have to decide, negotiate, beg, and dress at least 3 people
  • to not have to plan, prepare or clean-up a meal
  • to not pick-up strewn toys (and still have a tidy house)
  • to spend time with my family without having to brainstorm, organize and execute our activities, and worry if everyone’s having fun
  • to be able to go for run, a yoga class;  or what ever I want without feeling like I’m escaping Alcatraz
  • to not go for a run if I don’t want and instead sit on my ass the entire day and finish reading the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.

Now that’s a good Mother’s Day 😉



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