50 Shades of… Twilight

by Emily on May 14, 2012

I just devoured the Fifty Shades trilogy (all 3 books in less than 1 week!) and aside from the practically pornographic content, I couldn’t get over the similarities with the Twilight series (which, coincidentally, I also adore).

For Twi-moms, Fifty Shades will give you a familiar tingle… set under the ominous clouds of the Pacific Northwest, an older, charismatic, rich, painfully handsome –and dangerous– man with smoldering eyes seduces a young, clumsy, dark-haired, converse-wearing, unknowingly beautiful and insecure virgin.  With more graphic descriptions of the steamy sex.

Way more graphic, and kinky.  But otherwise the comparisons are endless… Both Edward and Christian play the piano (mainly in the middle of the night).  Both were adopted by loving families and have an outgoing, almost-overly-friendly sister, both have unruly, tousled hair they repeatedly run their hands through, and excel at everything they try.  Each is hiding a self-described “monster” beneath their cool, calm, impeccably dressed exterior, but above all, are a good guy.  Add to the similarities a psycho (or several) stalking their love interest, rock-hard bodies, extraordinary self-control, love of fast cars… and a paramount desire to possess the leading lady.

Both Bella and Anastasia blush incessantly, bite their lip, and constantly question their worthiness.  Both stumble a lot, are born in September, and talk revealingly in their sleep.  Both were born to young, working-class parents.  Each has a dilapidated vehicle that gets replaced, begrudgingly, by the heartthrob.  Both love their ditsy, but sometimes insightful, moms who have recently remarried.  They both cook, and care for their dads  (who are single and like fishing).  Both are originally employed at a family-owned DIY/outdoor store (even though neither is particular interested in hardware or the outdoors).  Both are passionate about classic literature, music, and both are finishing up school when they meet the man they fall for.  Both have a male best friend –and various other admirers– who try to make the moves on them, creating drama with the heartthrob.

Both heroines spend the first novel torn between logic (screaming and running for the hills) and love (screaming and running back to the bed).  But unlike Twilight, Fifty doesn’t stop when the bedroom door closes, and the descriptions will have readers blushing and glancing over their shoulders.
Instead of diving into the fantasy world of vampires, Fifty plunges into the fantasies of a seriously freaky, kinky man.  Like Twilight, Christian introduces Ana to a hidden, secret world, a lifestyle, that she didn’t know existed — that most don’t know exists– written in great, juicy detail.  Unfortunately, the unbelievable sex can be a little, well, unbelievable for anyone who’s sexual encounters don’t always involve multiple whole-body convulsing orgasms, including their very first time.


That said, I couldn’t put it down, even during the last book when I felt the drama was layered on a little too thick and the writing jumpy, as if aimed for a movie deal…. whoa, a Fifty Shades movie would be steamy!  I’m going to fantasize now about who would play Christian… that will be my next post 😉


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